stonebrooke Church Regathering Info

Entry into the Church

– Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for these additional procedures:

• Each person will be scanned for temperature prior to entry. The scanning device will be

disinfected after each scan.

• If you have had COVID-19 illness recently, are ill, or have been in recent contact with someone

who had COVID, please refrain from attending until you have been tested.

• Social distancing of 6’ between individuals or families will be practiced from entry to seating

inside the Sanctuary to departure.

• Masks will always be worn. No exceptions. If you need a mask, contact the Church office and

we will provide one for you although supplies are very limited.

• No personal contact like shaking hands and hugging each other.

• Please bring your own hand sanitizer, your personal Bible, water bottle and other personal

hygiene items you may need.

• Please allow additional time to enter the Church. We will have two lines for scanning and will

do our best to get everyone accommodated as quickly as possible. Only the north entrance will

be open.

• Reminder signs will be posted in various locations, so we ask for your help to follow these


Foyer and Sanctuary

• We have removed much of the seating furniture in the foyer as we cannot have people

gathering in this area. We will have a few chairs available for people with disability or elders

who require seating. An usher will be there to greet and assist.

• When you enter the Sanctuary, an usher will help you with seating. We have removed many of

the chairs for social distancing within the Sanctuary.

• We will sanitize each seat after each service. To accommodate our second service, we will need

20 minutes to sanitize the chairs. This is for your safety. The length of the service will be

adjusted to allow for this process.

• Sermon notes and tithing envelopes will be on each chair. Please bring your own pen to write as

well as your own Bible as these items will be removed from the Sanctuary.

• A drop box for tithing in person will be in a central location inside the Sanctuary.

• Please minimize touching any hard surfaces – door handles, chair rails, etc.

What will be closed for now

• Stonebrooke Café will be closed.

• Sunday school for our youth and children will be closed but we hope to offer as soon as possible

• Drinking fountains have been shut off.

• Sunday Bible study and classrooms will be closed but we are making plans for a September


• Church office access will be restricted.

Other Facilities

• Both ladies and men’s restrooms will be open. We are only allowing 2 people in each bathroom at one time. Washing hands, minimizing touching of hard surfaces, and sanitizing areas during service must be practiced.

• Fellowship Hall will be open for people to wait for rides before or after each service. Again,

congregating in small spaces must be avoided.

Our Church staff, Church Council, and Deacons look forward to our regathering and seeing you on June 28. We have been working on the implementation of this regathering plan for the past few weeks and ask that you kindly assist us by following these guidelines which are designed to protect your health and safety. We look forward to seeing you on the 28th and please call or email the Church office if you have any questions or concerns.