new believers

We’re so excited for your decision to follow Jesus. Whether you found this page by perusing, or you responded  to a recent invitation to receive Jesus and were given a link to it, we want you to know that we are here for you. Here are recommended next steps:


STEP 1: Please CLICK HERE to fill in a brief form for us to connect with you.

STEP 2: Tell a spouse, friend or loved one about your decision for Christ so that they can keep encouraging you and be praying for you.

STEP 3: Join us at 10:45am in the fellowship hall for our Discovery 101 class to gain further insights about your decision for Jesus. Next Gathering: TBD

STEP 4: Grab a Bible if you have one, or if not we can provide a bible for you, and begin reading Ephesians, chapter 1, 1 John and then the Gospel of John. All Bibles should have a Table of Contents for your convenience.

STEP 5: Choose to be baptized. CLICK HERE for more information.