oppertunities to serve

Looking for ways to serve?

Our desire is that you would experience all that God has for you by growing in love for Him and people. We’re excited for you to join in a ministry opportunity that best suits your time and talents.

Email office@stonebrookechurch.com to sign up for one of these opportunities!


  • Childrens

    If you have interest in helping out with Stonebrooke Kids! We are passionate about creating a safe and fun environment for children to come to the Lord. All Adult volunteers wanting to work with minors must submit to a background check.

  • Worship team

    We’d love to get to you know and see how you may fit within our Worship team community. To explore joining our team, please email office@stonebrookechurch.com and we will be in touch with you soon.

  • media team

    Just as important if not more, we always need help in the tech booth Sunday mornings with sound, slides, and lighting! Email us at office@stonebrookechurch.com

  • Greeting team

    We want every new person to walk in to church Sunday mornings with a warm welcome! We are always looking for more people to join our welcoming team. Email us at office@stonebrookechurch.com

  • security team

    Safety is a priority on Sunday mornings at Stonebrooke church. Email us at office@stonebrookechurch.com to join our security team!

  • Stonebrooke Cafe

    We are always looking for more people to bring store-bought baked goods for our Sunday morning cafe! Additionally, if you are interested in helping set up or tear down the cafe before and after services, reach out to office@stonebrookechurch.com



    We are always looking for small group leaders to volunteer their time and homes to help grow our small groups! Email office@stonebrookechurch.com if this is something you are interested in!


    We are always in need of an extra hands around the church facilities! Please email office@stonebrookechurch.com.

  • prayer team

    Every Tuesday a group of ladies in our church come together and pray for the people in our church. Email at office@stonebrookechurch.com to sign up to join the prayer group or to send in any prayer requests!